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Another significant expansion awaits us and therefore we need to step into digitization.

Akcenta is one of Central Europe’s biggest payment institutions with more than 46,000 B2B clients. It has been operating successfully on several European markets for over 25 years now. In 2011, Raiffeisen Bank International bought the company. And as part of our plans for further expansion, we have decided to make significant advances in the fields of digitalization and technology. What does this mean in practice? That we need to find the right people for our projects.

User first approach and business results

Our core team has a number of digital projects under its belt. These were implemented for larger companies in the Czech Republic and Europe. Some of us have founded or operate our own projects and so we know how important it is to have an agile approach to work. We decided that we would adopt a user first strategy to grow Akcenta. But what does this mean for us? That we will truly think from a user perspective about each project and its functionality. It doesn’t matter whether this involves an internal employee or a client. We want everything we do to be based on a specific need. We are a financial, indeed a payment, institution and that’s why we place emphasis on business-transforming, well-thought-out solutions.

Hybrid work approach

We are aware how important a work environment is. That’s why we created a modern workspace that is informal and contains everything needed for a creative approach to our jobs. We understand well the significance of changing environments and so we see this option as something that enriches us all. So we chose a hybrid model for our team, where we work from either the office (perhaps on our terrace or in the game room) or from our homes, cafés or even during trips abroad.

Modern tools and processes

We have already experienced, during our careers, situations where our work was hampered by inadequate hardware or software tools. That’s what we make sure that the individual specializations within our team have the equipment and tools that they need and which help them be more innovative and daring. In begins by working at adjustable desks and ends with suitable software for organizing one’s work.

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Why akcenta?
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European company with digital appetite.

Akcenta operates on six European markets. But these borders are now too confining for us and we are looking for the next big thing. That’s why we need a strong team that can create the right digital solutions.